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At our core, we know that fear, hate, selfishness, fighting lead to death...Love, caring, kindness, generosity lead to life..the choice becomes  very simple and clear.  Lead a life that leads to life.

Live Up!


Much Love,

Carmen  Miller  




Ebbs and flows...


Challenge or Opportunity


Problem/Solution, the choice is yours!


Musing on ISMs


People Are People so why should it be, You and i should get along so awfully!!!! ~Depeche Mode


The purpose of having purpose


Do some good!


Having a moment (repost)


Morality (from the Latin moralitas "manner, character, proper behavior") is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are "good" (or right) and those that are "bad" (or wrong). The philosophy of morality is ethics. A moral code is a system of morality (according to a particular philosophy, religion, culture, etc.) and a moral is any one practice or teaching within a moral code. Morality may also be specifically synonymous with "goodness" or "rightness." Immorality is the active opposition to morality (i.e. opposition to that which is good or right), while amorality is variously defined as an unawareness of, indifference toward, or disbelief in any set of moral standards or principles.** An example of a moral code is the Golden Rule which states that, "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."


Moving Forward, Moving On


Have you ever suffered from separation anxiety? I don't know if that's the right thing to call it. For the longest time, I thought I needed to be surrounded by people in order to fulfill my mission because I felt safer being a part of a team rather than out on my own. I guess that's what made me want to be in singing groups or in bands. I felt stronger with others who I hoped were on the same mission as I was.

I am learning that sometimes, standing up, means standing by myself. Don't get me wrong, I am always willing to join and work with others. I quite enjoy my relationships and sharing and supporting people who I love and respect. I often learn a lot from interactions on wisdom gained by shared experiences. However, the road I must travel to wherever I'm supposed to be belongs soley to me. The responsibility for reaching or not reaching my goals is my own. We cannot expect others to buy into our dreams to the same extent that we do, simply because they are not their dreams.... Each of us has outr own.

So, as I go forward, it is imperative that I treat everyone who is in or has been a part of my journey with care and kindness for the part they play in helping me to make it to the next level. I am gaining more confidence daily, that the vision placed in my heart from as far back as I can remember will be fulfilled by diligent work, solid preparation and the building of a network that I can rely on for support, but not as a crutch to keep me from standing upright. The new season of my life sees me branching out with Carmen Miller Music as a brand. I am dabbling in event planning and promotuion to create performance opportunites for myself and for others. I am fronting a band on my own name and working to build out a network of business partnerships to increase my gig schedule. It is all incredibly new. Taking control of my musical destiny (always prayerfully for God's direction) is a new and exciting experience. Creating new streams of revenue for myself and totally relying on God for his guidance and provision, is opening doors that I never knew existed.

I find now, that I no longer have limits, because I am no longer beholden to the opinions, and constraints of others. There is a level of freedom.... but freedom is a scary thing. there is also no one else to blame. This is where my planning and preparation skills come into play. I have to prepare for any instance, because without a solid unit, the people I choose to work with can sometimes flake or leave me high and dry potentially. (I pray that never happens....but the fact is, it could)... so I must be selective about who i choose to work with and how I choose to work. I must be much more discrening in my planning and accepting of jobs. This is where the rubber meets the road. I have faith that I am up to the challenge!!!

I am Carmen Miller Music

Much Love,

Carmen L Miller


Life Matters


Social Commentary...


Artist's Corner


How to get booked again: Ok, so you had an awesome gig. You tore the spot up... great crowd, great music. You were in the zone. What next? Clubs deal with musicians all the time. So what makes you more bankable than the next act? A lot of it is talent, and your following... but there is so much more that works according to their balance sheet and not your mindset.

Think about the caliber of fan that you attract... will they spend money in the establishment? Are you a band that attracts college kids that binge drink and throw up in the parking lot? Do you attract the kind of crowd that will pre-game at home and nurse one beer all night? Will your crowd buy food (if the establishment is a restaurant)? What is the incentive for the venue to have your "crowd" in their building.Think about the atmosphere... What kind of band are you? Play to your a room that will showcase your ban in the best possible way.

Before the gig, do a sound check (the earlier the better. While we all love the , show up and jam, idea... good sound mixing and quality have a major effect on how club managers view your show. Be professional, (this is crucial) it is always best to return calls ontime, show up on time, hit the stage on time, etc.

During the gig, acknowledge the bar staff and wait staff. Ask your fans to tip them well. When they make money, you get gigs... we're all in this together. If you treat the staff well, they will treat you well. You never know when that waiter/waitress or bartender will be the next club manager or even owner... Even the DJ can make or break your night... so always, have a good rapport with the people who work in the venue. Keep your composure, don't drink excessively and always carry yourself in a way that is kind, both to fans and to the management of the establishment. People book who they LIKE... be likeable.

After the gig, tear down quickly and clean up your mess. This part should be self explanatory. When you're a guest in someone's house... be a good guest. When getting paid, sow the seeds of a lastibg relationship by asking for further bookings right there...and if business is done at a later time, always call back to say thank you. Common courtesy is less common that you think and will go a long way toward building relationships that keep you working...

Much Love, Carmen




I've had a pretty exciting time lately.

I went to the graduation ( tears of joy) and watched my son strut across the stage at Radio City Music Hall.... ( a dream of mine oneday)....

I went to the Today show and met my favorite morning journalists ( Matt Lauer,Tamron Hall, and Al Roker). I enjoyed great food, and saw some sights in the city that really inspired me. I love New York.

I came home and watched my daughter qualify for districts in the high jump event (track & field is her thing... she's an amazing athlete) and I had the opportunity to record as a part of a community choral experience for a movie soundtrack. I spent time with some of my favorite vocalists in town and had a blast.

So what have you been up to??? I am hoping to get out to see you guys from the stage soon... If you'd like for me to come do a show in your area, be sure to request it here... or by using the link on the side-------->

Hope to see you soon!!!

Much Love,



That's a Wrap!


Feeling like anything is possible!!!!


What Is Going On


(waving Hi!!!)


Happy New Year 2014


2014 is here!!! It's On!!!


About the Holidays


12 Days of Christmas!!!


Appreciate the Giver


Give Love!




I have always wanted to use that word for some strange reason, it never comes up in polite conversation. I am trying it out...


The Sun Peeking Through the Clouds


Keep on, Keeping on!   Love Wins!


Rest and Renew


Relax/Relate/Release... (Cosby Show reference)


Not for the Faint of Heart


If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,


Taking it all In


I had an exciting time attending the SMAC 2031 ( Singers, Musicians, Arts Conference) in Toledo this past week.  The host and founder Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole was magnificent and everything that was presented edified and fortified my focus and dedication to my craft and my creator.  The artists that performed at the evening services tore the place up... They were incredible!!!  I heard great singing, excellent teaching, and spirited preaching from the likes of Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Bishop Paul S Morton, Tamela Mann, Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark-Terrell, Joshua Rogers, Chrystal Rucker, and so many more.

The seminars and panel discussions were priceless and the information shared, left me with a lot of homework to do in order to step my game up and position myself to reap the benefits of hard work. I loved that no matter what aspect we were discussing, Christ was the central focus and it gave me a great sense of purpose to be a part of such auspicious company. There was a whole lot of wisdom in the room. The other thing that I enjoyed was that there wasn't the sense of separation that is usually a part of many of these type of events. (No big Is and little yous) everyone shared with love and mutual encouragement. One of the highlights was an artist ( formerly Tonex or B Slade) rededicated his life to Christ and went back to his given name Anthony ( Clark) Williams symbolic of shedding his former issues and focusing on God.

I was blown away by the energy and spirit of renewal and restoration throughout the conference. I got a lot out of the experience and I want to share some of the very cool resources that I was exposed to with anyone who desires to find out more.

Much Love,





Matthew 19:26 New Living Translation (NLT) 26 Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”


Looking Back/ Looking Ahead


You CAN Go Home Again..... (but the locks may be changed when you do)


Standing in the Storm ( Reprint)


Trouble Don't Last Always!


My Dad


I haven't posted in awhile and I am sorry to have been neglecting doing so.  I've been dealing with some feelings that grip me this time of year and I'm realizing that these will always be with me.  It's not the whole Father's Day thing perse`, but rather the season between Mother's Day and father's day and what my experience has taught me about the dynamics of family and who WE are supposed to be to each other.

I have 5 siblings.  I love them dearly.  We grew up in a nuclear family for the most part and we have strong but conflicting feelings for our parents.  I tend to idealize my mom ( who is deceased) and for a long time, I villified my father.  While I have gotten past that and I love him and wish him the very best... not all of my siblings have gotten to that point.

The main thing that keeps me in a good space is knowing who my true Father is.  I belong to a God that has healed the wounds of my past and helped me to rise from its ashes.  The Bible promises long life to those who honor their father and mother.  Eventhough, I've been choice to honor my dad has very little to do with who he is as a person.  It has everything to do with who my Father in heaven requires me to be.  

I have dealt with the whole forgiveness thing before and that is a part of it.  Eventually you should get to a place where the pain is nothing more than a memory and the scar it leaves teaches you something valuable about yourself.  i understand who my dad is and some of the whys behind it.  And I love him anyway....I know who I don't want to be and who I do want to be with and I surround myself with people who feed that good.  


My Father is the one who I must please and who I am responsible for obeying....God the Father!!


A special shout out to the man who makes me believe in Great Dads here on earth.... my husband Anthony who is an amazing example of God's love for me.  


Happy Father's Day!


Much Love,



Never Give Up ( Reprint)


Stay in it, to Win it!!!


Light in the Tunnel


In the words of Rick Springfield ( Look it up kids) "We all need that human touch" 


Lesson Learned:


Taking criticism and learning from it to comeback better than ever....all the time!


Beautiful Weekend to Work


Do all that you set out to do !!!  


Happiness and Joy


There is a distinct difference between being happy and having joy. Happiness is subjective and can be swayed by circumstance. Joy comes from within and is objective in how you handle those circumstances..... Happiness can be wiped away because of stuff around you Joy cannot. Are you Happy? Or do you have Joy? how about a little of both?


Happy Springtime




Planning the Tour!!!


I need your help guys!


My 3 Favorite People ( aside from the Father/Son/and Holy Ghost)


Proud Mommy Moments


Happy Saint Valentine's Day


Love Love Love... and all that it means.


Positive Energy to Energize


Still in that Forgiveness space....


A Whole Lot of Talking, but What's Being said?


What's Been Up Y'all?


Happy New Year Loves!


2013!!! Let's Do This!!!


The year that was, 12 months in a lifetime


Easy is never Effective. Effective is never easy.


Merry Mayan Apocalypse!!! or, Not....


So, what will you do on the 22nd of December when the world is still turning?


The Holidays/ The Everyday...


And so begins the Holiday Season!!!


Thanks for ForGiving


The Power of Forgiveness.


Weathering the Storm!!!


A very special message of Love!


Aiming for the Sweet Spot


Swing for the fences and let it rip!!!!  ( Go Tigers)


The Hustle and the Flow


Runnnin', runnin', and runnin' runnin', and runnin', runnin'.... Let's Get it Started!!!  Hahahaha


YAY!!! They're Here!!!


It's Here!  It's Here!   Buy Skin & Bones today!!!



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Working up a Sweat


If you really want something, you have to work hard for it... 


Tommy Davidson/ Tantric Soul band 2.0


Cutting up with the great Tommy Davidson


Play Your Position


Every part of the body has it function... sometimes, you are the hand, sometimes, the foot, sometimes the head.... but every part is necessary.  Every part has its function... Play your part.


Being Free


Freedom Friday!!


Let it Be


Whisper Words of Wisdom....


My Crossroads


I believe in being honest and transparent because somebody might need to hear the story.


Ready, Set, Go


Work hard and diligently for what you believe in.  Follow through to the finish.


Monday on the Move


Keep it Moving Monday!!!


Fantastic Weekend!!!


New Pictures!!! Loads of fun!!!!


after you read the blog, check out the photo gallery!!


Can't Hardly Wait!


Like a kid on Christmas Eve....


Next Steps/ Baby Steps


"Can't Give Up Now, I've Got To Move.... Nevermind The Holes, In My Shoes....Gotta Keep On Goin', Until I'm Brand New....."


~Sacred Groove 2012


Getting Close to the Finish Line


The Skin and Bones project is almost done. I am so excited.


It's About Love


(singing the Love Boat theme song)... Love, exciting and new..... come aboard....we're expecting youuuuuuuuuuu


A Little About Me


A personal glimpse of who I am.  Lovingly and Transparently.




Can we change the world one song at a time?




Making Real Music Happen.


Dear Lord God


Praying for today.


Writing My Way Through It


Writing to touch hearts. I hope you like this one. It is a personal and honest look inside.


Service With a Smile


We appreciate service and we'll show it with a smile!! Happy 4th of July.


Ups Downs and Inbetweens


Never Give Up.


Summer Begins with a Very Cool Weekend


Thursday/Friday/ Saturday/Sunday!!!!!   Very Cool!!!


Productivity and Praise


First of all, Bless God for this first day of Summer.

Here in Toledo, it is an absolutely gorgeous day ( hot, but gorgeous nonetheless)... clear blue sky, green outside.  I had the chance to get out and walk a few miles this morning and I thought to myself, how awesome it is that our creator blessed us with the possibilities of beauty such as this nature we inhabit.  Thank you Lord for the beauty of this day and for the dreariness of other days that help me to appreciate it all the more.


Live Your Appointed Dreams


Live your God-ordained dreams today.

Why do we wait for someone to invite us to step out on faith and pursue our dreams. We are all blessed with talents and abilities that are unique to us. Don’t squander your gifts and end up wishing you had tried. We only get a finite time limit to live out the fullest of our potential. Don’t waste it. It is easy to give up and throw in the towel in the name of being practical. But nothing worth having comes easy….live life!!! Instead of just existing.


Be Well, Bless God!!