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I have been singing since I was 4 years old. I started out in the Sunshine choir in Detroit Michigan at First Glory Missionary Baptist Church. My family moved to Toledo when I was in elementary school for the first time as I watched my mom who sang in church and taught me to sing battle mental illness. I honed my vocal skills as a member and vice president of J.W. Scott High School choir in Toledo, OH. When I was 18 and a young mother myself for the first time, a diabetes induced stroke and massive heart attack killed my mother. We didn't even realize how sick she was because her mental state deteriorated to the point where she couldn't communicate it to us. I was devastated, as she was my very best friend in the world. I got married and went about the practical journey or raising a family/working and going to school.  I gave up on music until my brother recorded a rap cd where he asked me to sing the hooks. After that, I joined the Toledo Youth and Young Adult mass choir for awhile, an ensemble called Women of Genesis, sang in a girl group called Exxact with two of my closest friends and found that I could express myself again by singing and writing lyrics and melodies, and then a couple of cover bands where I developed a decent following regularly performing in venues in Toledo, Detroit, and outlying areas to a following that averages 250-300 per night. East River Drive and Tantric Soul bands respectively.  In ERD, I learned a diligent work ethic and to treat music as my business.  In Tantric Soul, I learned to rediscover my passion for the craft of singing.
In 2009, I became the Praise and Worship leader, Gethsemane Christian Discipleship Church, Churches of God General Conference (pastor Arthur J Battle, esq.) and our rag tag bunch of hard core worship warriors have been singing praises to God almighty with joy since then ( accapella, I might add... the results vary, but the Lord is praised, LOL). I credit my mother with introducing me to faith and song and dedicate all that I do to God first, and also her memory.  I remember hearing her sing while doing chores around the house and playing her records and albums ( yes/actual albums... not CDs) while we cleaned the house. It filled her with so much joy and that to me was magical.  So many times, I rarely saw her happy... unless she was singing ( and many times, now.... I understand the why).  I find myself waxing nostalgic because my brothers and I would fantasize about what a life making music would be like. We would incorporate it in our kids games and everything we thought about.  I am blessed to still be living in that desire.  I know that the talent I have been afforded is for a purpose.  I pray to be able to bring a taste of the joy I have in music to everyone who listens to my songs.


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Special S/O to Marlo Moore, Tiffany Hairston, Rugby(J Rug), and UGE (friends I am thinking of today... google each one of them)


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