A Whole Lot of Talking, but What's Being said?

Hey lovely people!!! I have been kinda quiet lately.  I find myself a little melancholy this season... not so much Winter Blues as Winter Blahs... I have been busy but somehow I had not been feeling productive.  Well, until yesterday... why?  Because I was back in the studio ( one of my favorite places) recording a new online exclusive release that should be done very soon.  I love love love the song.  it's something my writing partner Bob Davenport wrote, but it speaks so honestly to something we all can truly relate to.... it's called Forgiveness Road.  I think it's gonna be very cool... It's equal parts Kid Rock and Tina Turner.... with a little Aretha thrown in for good measure... well, you'll hear it soon.  

I auditioned for a national Television show and I will find out in February if I made the cut.  I was offered a very cool opportunity locally  which I will be sharing with you guys very soon also.  I entered my name for consideration for a national tour this Summer ( something I have to be very prayerful about, asking God to make the pathway straight if this is the right opportunity for me and to surround me with the right people willing to go on that particular journey with me if it is).  I am still plugging away with submitting songs for licensing opportunities as well.


Enough about me,  Let's see... Current events...

Welp!  Mali conflict? Beyonce Lip syncing?  Debt Crisis? Gun Control? The Oscars? Torrent Weather around the world?  What do you guys want to talk about?  It seems that our lives have become a constant streaming soundbyte of pieces of information here and there... It would be nice to feel as though people were spending time really examining the meaningful things.  Unfortunately, much of what garners the most attention is pretty useless.  Take the Beyonce thing for example... with the historical context of the inaugration and the political consequences for our nation in the balance.... we are talking about whether or not she sang live or pre-recorded?  Ummm so what!!! Right???  Or the conflict in Mali and many other African provinces.... There are people suffering in conditions that we cannot even fathom, and terrorist acts of a magnitude that would devestate our very spirits if we were to be living amongst it.... and we barely hear a blip about it.  We have to care more about the stuff that matters and get back to being plugged in to real life as opposed to our annonymous cocoons of cyber reality.  There is something to be said for the connection to humankind that we are losing and that is a scary prospect.  

I would suggest an experiment.... spend time talking..... For oneday, log off/  call the people you want to connect with ( not text/  CALL)... have dinner or go do something active and BE with people.... just to regain that sense of human connection.....just for one day, read a newspaper or a physical magazine for information.  Social Touch is a sense we need to  re-develop.  Just as an experiment.... and let me know how it goes....




Much Love,





Thank you so much for your support on this journey! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you guys!
Carmen, A few months ago I was sent a sound bite of one of your songs, I said at the time that " your voice was going to make me fall in love with Christian Rock." Now that I have purchased Skin & Bones, let me say this, " you have the most refreshing voice I have heard, since I first heard Alicia Keyes, in the early 2000's." Well Done Mrs. Miller!!
I have been saying these exact same things. I am on the phone more and meeting people more in person for my business and God is blessing me beyond measure. Love ya girl!

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