About the Holidays

I've noticed that a lot of my friends tend to be a little down lately and that sometimes we get so caught up in the "stuff" of life that we forget just how special this season can be. With all that's wrong, sad, angry, hurtful, or just blah in the world... the wonder and hope of the season can get lost. Many cannot be with their loved ones for various reasons. Some may feel downtrodden over how difficult the rest of the year has been. People are struggling with depression, and grief. I have been reading my social media timelines and I've noticed a lot of negative posts lately.

I want to do something that hopefully brightens up hearts and reminds us just how awesome and wonderful this time of year can be. Remember that love is all that matters. Remember that the holidays are a time to let the people you love know how much you care about them. Remember that Christ is the reason for the season. Remember to share, give, cherish the people around you because you never know what they are going through.

In that spirit, I will be singing acapella Christmas songs on video for 12 days beginning on 12/12/2013!!! I will post the videos to http://www.youtube.com/user/Cariller ** also to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc... Join me for 12 Days of Christmas songs to celebrate all the stuff that really matters! If you have requests, submit them here !! Tis the season!!!

My hope is that it lifts your spirits and renews your hope and that you have a Merry Christmas and incredibly Happy New Year!!! Be Inspired and Encouraged!!!

Much Love, 



You know what, I'm very much innliced to agree.
Thank you so much Stephanie!!!! Very Well said!!! God Bless you, always.
Sorry,but my keyboard is wacky sometimes,so I apologize for the unneeded colons,but I still hope you all can make out the thoughts,written in Love and peace for all♥♥
Thank You ever so much for sharing your Blessed knowledge&Gifts,not only during this time of the year,but daily. It's true, that we never know what others are feeling&going; through unless we make ourselves available to them,and they're willing to tell us. All it takes is a listening ear,or shoulder to lean&cry; on.We seem to get caught up with the material and the spiritual meaning seems to be pushed far in the background.Finest example to follow is the Master Himself,he didn't even have a place to called home to lay his head while on this Earth,according to Matthew 8:20;Maybe one day we all can comprehend the Love of Christ&His; Heavenly Father who sent him down so we can study closely how to tread in his footprints,not just because of a particular season,but live it daily just like he did;Precious life&Blood; outpoured for us;Do we know best how to cherish and use this Gift to benefit not only ourselves, but everyone else around us?

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