Aiming for the Sweet Spot

OK, So I am in total GO mode and there's always a few things that try to take you off track.  Battled through a terrible flu last week that slowed me down quite a bit.  I came through and had the opportunity to praise God in song at Mt. Arrarat church's Women's Day Program Sunday morning.  It was phenomenal.  I thank my FB friend Rochelle Barnhill for inviting me.  Saturday/Monday, I spent the evening in the ER with my daughter Ashley who is suffering from an ulcer.  I pray for her healthy recovery daily.  She has been in pain, but she has been a true trooper through it all. I love her spirit.  

I missed a couple of crucial appointment tending to her health, but that is where my priority lies....

So today, back to the business at hand of selling music and making sure these awesome songs get heard around the world.  I had the opportunity to speak to the cool team on the Ryde show on WXUT 98.3 FM radio Sunday night where they debuted my song Skin & Bones on their show.  I was so excited!!! That truly blew me away.  There is no greater feeling than the broadcast debut of a song!!! I am floored by the overwhelming positive response and I pray that you guys stick with me and go buy/ download the music as well.


I will be performing this Saturday night w/ Tantric Soul at a costume party fundraiser for the Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio.  My husband and I are collaborating on costumes...... the theme is Hollywood... so any movie characters..( any guesses??? write them below...) I am not sure if I will post pics... but  ( probably!!! :) if I do, I will post them here).  

I am working hard at the marketing aspect of my music career now, because I have learned that there are certan goals I need to hit in order to garner the kind of notice I will need to get to the next level.  So, my focus has to be laser sharp and dedicated and I cannot be down, even on my down days.  I hope you guys don't get sick of me as I chronicle the process.  I hope to look back at this rough beginning one day and revel on all that God has blessed me to be able to do by His power and not my own... 


Much Love,



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