I may be adding it to my lexicon of regularly used phrases if life keeps getting better and letter like this! Friday, I had an incredibly fun interview w/ Jeff McGinnis for his podcast. I will be sharing the link with you as soon as it is posted (keep checking the press section of the site). We talked about Halloween and it was hilarious.

I also recorded a song ( one that is near and dear to my heart) for this year's Make A Wish Foundation, Holiday Wishes CD. It will be on sale soon and I'll have the details of that for you all coming up shortly. I signed a major distribution deal for the re-release of Skin & Bones and they are being finalized and manufactured as we speak! So coming to a Target, WalMart, Best Buy, etc.... near you.... my CDs will be on the shelves and ready for download ( including 2 bonus tracks)!!! I am so incredibly excited about what is happening. I thank God for His grace and blessings in all these things. Patience pays off!!!

I also want to shout out some friends of mine:  LOVE MY 419~ A weekly TV show highlighting the people, places and stories that make us Love the 419! With host Andrew Z and the crew from Andrew Z in the morning! Channel 157 on Buckeye Cable And Network…channel 48 on your TV(Buckeye Cable channel 58 and Channel 10 on AT&T Please watch and/or set your DVR’s!!! Lovemy419 And if you have Direct TV or Time Warner Cable please call and tell them you want MY 48! They will also post the show on the Love MY 419 You Tube page after the show airs on TV. Thanks for your support for locally produced…NON Big Corporation entertainment!!!


I am also participating in #30DaysofThanks. We have been through a lot and it is just a reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for (even when things seem dark), because for all of our struggles... it could always be worse. With the holiday season approaching, I challenge you to share on and Facebook what you are Thankful for each day this month. #30DaysofThanks. I bet you will gain a different perspective and outlook in the days ahead. If nothing else, it will switch your focus to the positive.


To top that, my husband is being inducted into the City League Hall of Fame along with his high school basketball teamates to honor them for an amazing season in 1990 that culminated with an Ohio State Championship win.

Lastly, I recently had a chance to erform with the Clarence Smith Community Chorus and get back to my gospel roots and I hope tis blesses you becuse it sure was a blessing for me... I am eternally grateful for the experience and hpe that you have an AMAZEBALLS week!!!

 Much Love,  Carmen


So you gave my husband one of these at the Ford party, and he shweod it to me after we got home and I was all, I can't believe it. You got to meet her and I'm the one who knows who she is an follows her on twitter and everything. It's an AWESOME giveaway bag you've got there. Thanks for the heads up about the song.

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