Appreciate the Giver

There are people who encourage and support you just because. They don't ask for anything in return. They just give and care because it is in their nature. They are the ones often looked at as strong and confident. They are the ones who listen when you have a problem and do their best to help when they can. They are the reliable ones who never ask when they stand in need and often suffer in silence so as not to be a burden on others. They are the Givers.

Giving comes in many forms. It may be financial, time, prayer, service, attention or any number of things. Giving is an act of love. Charity, is in most genuine cases synonymous with Love. Don't take giving for granted. Most of us don't deserve the givers in our lives and we often overlook them because we are so focused on our own needs. We have become so self-centered as a society that the act of giving is rare and many times suspected of having an ulterior motive. True givers, just do it to show the love they have in hopes that that love may in some small way be returned.... in the form of genuine appreciation. Remember the Givers in your life and let them know how special their gifts are to you ( in whatever form they may take)... Because even Givers get weary when they do not feel that that their gifts are acknowleged. And when you lose the Giver.... you've lost something significant.

Who are the Givers in your life? Thank them. Respect Them. Acknowlege them. Love them back.... Givers, keep giving... you are loved, and truly needed in these times where we have forgotten the spirit of giving. You are important and even crucial to reminding everyone how important is it to Give to one another. To God, the Giver of life.... Thank You in every way!!! To all of you ( who give your love and support to me, Thank You and I Truly LOVE you! )

Much Love,



So that's the case? Quite a reetiavlon that is.

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