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How to get booked again: Ok, so you had an awesome gig. You tore the spot up... great crowd, great music. You were in the zone. What next? Clubs deal with musicians all the time. So what makes you more bankable than the next act? A lot of it is talent, and your following... but there is so much more that works according to their balance sheet and not your mindset.

Think about the caliber of fan that you attract... will they spend money in the establishment? Are you a band that attracts college kids that binge drink and throw up in the parking lot? Do you attract the kind of crowd that will pre-game at home and nurse one beer all night? Will your crowd buy food (if the establishment is a restaurant)? What is the incentive for the venue to have your "crowd" in their building. Think about the atmosphere... What kind of band are you? Play to your a room that will showcase your band in the best possible way.

Before the gig, do a sound check (the earlier the better. While we all love the , show up and jam, idea... good sound mixing and quality have a major effect on how club managers view your show. Be professional, (this is crucial) it is always best to return calls ontime, show up on time, hit the stage on time, etc.

During the gig, acknowledge the bar staff and wait staff. Ask your fans to tip them well. When they make money, you get gigs... we're all in this together. If you treat the staff well, they will treat you well. You never know when that waiter/waitress or bartender will be the next club manager or even owner... Even the DJ can make or break your night... so always, have a good rapport with the people who work in the venue. Keep your composure, don't drink excessively and always carry yourself in a way that is kind, both to fans and to the management of the establishment. People book who they LIKE... be likeable.

After the gig, tear down quickly and clean up your mess. This part should be self explanatory. When you're a guest in someone's house... be a good guest. When getting paid, sow the seeds of a lastibg relationship by asking for further bookings right there...and if business is done at a later time, always call back to say thank you. Common courtesy is less common that you think and will go a long way toward building relationships that keep you working...

Much Love, Carmen


Well written! You're such a great person inside and out, I love what you do and how you do it....continue on my Queen!

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