Can't Hardly Wait!

I know patience is a virtue. It's just that, now that the recording process is over, I feel like I am in a bit of a state of limbo so to speak. Mind you, I am very busy....I have my first NYC photo shoot this weekend. I will be traveling to Brooklyn to work with Eleazar Teodoro for the images for the cover and T0ne M for the artwork. I am sure they will have some incredible ideas and amazing (I almost said awesome) places to work. My hope is to be able to share the new promo images with you next week. I will also be checking out Baltimore this weekend. My son is getting moved in at Morgan State University. So we will be working out the housing /registration thing too. Other stuff going on with me is....recording the Christmas track next week for the Make A Wish compilation ....more mixing....trying to secure some performance dates to be able to get in front of you and sing. If you know of any venues that would be open to the music....shoot me a note below. Trust me, I am pretty open to playing anywhere people want to hear me. From the church to the club...from the festival to the front sure to leave contact info if you have it. I invite my friends in radio and media who already know what I do to support and champion this project on behalf of those who love music and want to hear something fresh that could very well become something great....I am grateful to you all. I am thankful for everything. God Bless!!! Much Love, Carmen Skin and Bones 2012 Coming Soon.

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