Challenge or Opportunity

When you adjust your perspective and your focus, things tend to work out for their purpose.  Sometimes the difference between the problem and the solution is all in the way you look at the situation.  For example, when something ends, it may be freeing you up to move towards something better.  When people walk away, it may be a chance for you to become stronger and more resilient.  Dwelling on the negative aspects of a situation keeps you prisoner to the problem, while seeking creative solutions ignites your imagination.  

How can this be applied in 2016?  With political situations in turmoil, it is very easy to stay in situations that feel comfortable and safe ( even when they no longer feed your spirit or worse, drain it) that's not what we were put here to do... we are not to simply exist, but rather... to live!!!  How can you live in abundance when your focus is mere survival?  I submit, that by taking time for the things you love to do, perfecting a skill or craft that makes you happy, learning something that can be of use to you, or doing something spontaneous that is just fun.... you can improve your attitude, and situation tremendously.  How you feel will become what you think. What you think will become what you say. What you say will become what you do. What you do will translate into how you live.  Constant improvement.


Further, by shifting your focus to what is to be gained, rather than lost... you start to have a winning attitude... and we all know, winners/ win!  In everything that we face, there are pros and cons.  The upside/downside... as you move forward through the year, make your decisions according to what is beneficial to you . Calculate the costs of your actions, then act.  It's easy to say that about things you control, but what about when things are thrust upon you?  ( I'm glad you asked...) At those times, pray first! Ask questions later.  Just do it!


All in all, the choice is always ultimately yours.... will you dwell in the problem, or live in the solution?  



Much Love, 


Carmen L Miller

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