Dear Lord God

Please bless me with the right words to say and sing. Help me to tell the truth about all the things you have done for me and bless it to inspire others to improve their lives. I thank you for all of my experiences,good and bad. They have shaped and informed my perspective. I submit to your will and I trust you. I am not afraid to proclaim my belief in you and try my best to follow your will for my life. I do not want to alienate anyone because of this belief but rather, my heart's desire is to live in a way that invites others to want to get to know you for themselves. I know that your love is not forced...your love is freely given to be freely received. Help me to love others in the ways that you have loved me.

I ask a special blessing for my friends and those who I have encountered along my journey to do what I believe you have put me here to do.

Again I thank you so very much. Bless those that embrace the music. Bless those who don't. Help me to move forward toward Better in all things and in all areas of Jesus' holy name...Amen



Be Well,



On Twitter @cariller I want to recommend my friend's new site...they are also pursuing dreams. I believe in supporting those who support you as well.


I'm loving it Carmen u go girl smiles" nice vibe and vocals

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