Fantastic Weekend!!!

I had a bit of a whirwind experience over the weekend. I went to Baltimore to drop my son Aaron off for his second year of college. He attends Morgan State University. After unloading him into the great unknown ( meaning, he needed to finish registration/ get housing/ and financial aid squared away for the year) then we headed to Brooklyn, where my oldest lives. He is going into his 3rd year at Pratt Institute. *stop doing math in your head, I told you I met my husband in high school* LOL. I was also treated to the experience of meeting his ultra talented friends. I did 3 photo shoots with Eleazar Teodoro which yielded the amazing (trying not to overuse my favorite word.... AWESOME)images that you can check out here on the site in the photo gallery. We shot all over Brooklyn and did some touristy stuff at the same time. I am a Food Network/ Cooking Channel nut, so we visited some of the very cool spots to check out the recommended grub. Smoke Joint (delicious BBQ ribs) Grimaldi's (fantastic pizza), Pies & Thighs, (great chicken/greens/pie/waffles), and Juniors....( MMMMMMMM MMMM MMMM)... enough with the food though... My husband did all the driving and kept me on my toes walking all over the city and on the subway. I made the fatal error of wearing platform heels everywhere from Coney Island to Time Square ( the funeral for my toes was held Monday... it was a lovely ceremony where they were buried in flip flops for the rest of the trip). Had the pleasure of meeting a fellow musician Andrew, from the band Yarn that will be playing Ann Arbor this coming weekend. Check them out on Reverb Nation.


I also met Che Pills, Kamau Mbonisi Kwame Agyeman, Jesus (young man with an awesome name, Crystal Bryson, and a host of other generous and talented young people. Cover them in prayer because they are destined for greatness. I want to say a special thanks to Eleazar again for lending his time/talent to the promotional material for the new CD, Skin and Bones. If you like his work, his contact information is as follows:


Eleazar Teodoro

Phone: 206.788.7125





Be sure to shoot me a note or comments if you dig the images as well!!!


Much Love,



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