Getting Close to the Finish Line

Skin and Bones is almost done. It has been a long and hard Summer. I got laid off, depressed, struggled and through it all God allowed me to persevere. The music kept me focused. The musicians kept me inspired. And the writing gave me an outlet to tell my truths guided by faith. I hope that by sharing this, it touches the hearts of people all over the world. Things are looking up as we enter the final phase of recording and mixing the songs. It is my best work to date and filled with everything I have felt and the power that has kept me going and building for the last few months. In this music you will hear hope, love, power....and it rocks...Hard!!!

We are creating something so different that I truly believe will set the world on fire with the kind of music that has been missing for so long...It feels honest and raw and touches the deepest emotions. I cannot wait for you to hear it.

Cool things are happening. I just got invited to record a song on the Make A Wish Foundation's. Christmas. CD. It sold over 10,000 copies last year so that will be a very cool thing for an awesome cause. PS...I love Christmas songs.

Within the next few weeks I will be sharing this and I hope you will enjoy it and tell your friends. Regardless of what happens, I am incredibly proud of this work and the courage and dedication it has taken to bring it to you.


So get ready world...Skin and Bones is almost here.



Much Love,




It is not coincidence that we are both starting something new, and how amazing that you posted on August 6 - the day we relocated! I can't wait to hear you croon out some Christmas music, girl! Blessings!!!!
Sometimes we lose in order to gain. The scripture says--count it all joy. It is all how we look at things. Keep recognizing this as something that needed to happen to share your true passion. Jobs come and go, but we must live our passion out loud or else it fades away. Thanks for sharing Sis, ~KeKeMichel Visit, read, comment, subscribe to my blog

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