Happy New Year 2014

Time to hit the ground running. This is a time to push toward new horizons and to aspire to new heights. The ride up to this point has been amazing. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

This year marks the beginning of my relationship with TMG. Being affiliaed with an indie label means alot to me as I have been pressing forward in music for a long time on my own. I'm looking forward to having their support in marketing and distributing the music throughout the world. I trust that you guys will continue to support by purchasing and attending shows all over the place. Advance copies of the new Skin & Bones project can be purchased right now with this link https://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/search.php?search=carmen+miller It features bonus tracks and enhanced artwork and I feel it is the beginning of something really special.

I am embarking on a journey further into Rock than I've ever been before and I can honestly say, it's exhilarating!!! My voice will be challenged to do things that were out of reach for me at one time, but now... The saying I've adopted for 2014 is... IT'S ON!!!!! This is the year that will see dreams turn into realities and all the foundation laid turn into the building of an incredible music career. I invite you along for the wild ride!!!

Coming Soon: New Videos/Pictures/Music/ MORE!!!!


Much Love,



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