Happy New Year Loves!

I know, I know... I am sooo late.  Well, in my defense, I spent the first few days of the year with the Mother of ALL FLUs!  So please excuse my tardy 2013 greetings.  I missed the festivities myself.  So, let's play catch up. I celebrated another birthday, so Yay me.  Gotta love the way the calendar reminds you of your actual age... ( 30-Nunya) LOL. I spent the holidays with my family which was wonderful.  We didn't do the Christmas gift thing, but rather focused on togetherness and time, which was actually more fun (to me, although I'm sure my kids probably still wanted stuff.... welp!)  

I am excited about my prospects for the new year. I have been praying on somethings and I will be working to see them come to pass.  In terms of goals:  I hope to  do a major release of and promote Skin & Bones fully; to tour;  to secure management; to book larger venues; and continue to make and share great music that is both truthful and passionate.  I want to surround myself with positive and energetic people who are on the same page and committed to working to be, have, do and serve...better.  If that will make a positive impact on others and somehow brighten up somebody else's life in any way, Super!!!


I want to make sure that I stay plugged in with you guys.  Be sure to post, check out the smartphone app bandapp.com/carmenlmiller  , and any of my social media spots to share what you think and what you'd like to see/hear.  I'll do my best.  Other than that, I just want this year to be special and spectacular for all of us!


 Be Bless in new and awesome ways in 2013, Let's Go!!

Oh yeah, I'm totally borrowing this from Joseph Prince... it's inspiring me today! http://www.josephprinceonline.com/2013/01/your-words-carry-power-2/

Much Love,


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