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I am not one to rant much but I have to say some things that may not go over so well with some of my friends and acquaintances. But I have a question and you can answer it for yourself. What ever happened to morality? I'm not talking about personal beliefs or values.... I'm talking about good old fashioned right and wrong. Since when do we not use actual discretion and reverence for our own reputations and character? I hear all too often "I don't care what anybody else thinks of me." Well, why not? I'm not suggesting that you allow their thoughts to control who you are, but at least have enough self respect and decency to live life admirably so that your children have a decent role model....so that you are well thought of in society... so that your life matters to someone else other than your self. We've all got things that we've said or done that we're not proud of. But owning them doesn't mean you continue to do/say/act in ways that are not decent. Mind you, you don't have to prove anything to anyone, but being cognizant of what you portray is just smart.

We are rearing generation upon generation of people who do not have any sense of civility or honor or respect. And it starts with that attitude. I don't care about anybody and nobody cares about me. People confuse "keeping it real" with being rude, obnoxious, and mean-spirited. That's not real.... it's real ugly. You can tactfully and graciously speak truths without having to annihilate the other person. THAT is called class. I am sick and tired of tiptoeing around the fact that personal freedoms does not negate their personal responsibility to have ethics and common decency. Yes.... you should strive to be a good person. Why? Because it's right. Whether or not it gains you anything..... it's just right. Now by whose standard do we gage decency? Well why don't we just try this.... Treat others how you would like for them to treat you. That's as good a place as any to start.

Well what about the people I don't like Carmen? Avoid them until you have the maturity to be able to be cordial and civil and act accordingly (and if that never happens, then you never have to deal with them)... Well, what if I have a strong opinion that I'm passionate about? Find a way to display that passion without deliberately being offensive (this is tough, tricky and takes practice as well as a surrendering of pride at times)... Well what if I just want to let loose and act a fool? There is a time and a place for everything. Nobody is asking you to be Ghandi or the Pope.

My point is merely this, we all could use some improvement in the attitude category and in order to make the world better, it starts from within. You cannot make lemonade with all lemons and no sugar. lately, the world has seemed to cherish sourness and condemn what is sweet/kind/and benevolent. I submit that there is surely room for more of the latter. I charge you to search for ways that you can display more moral character and ethical benevolence in your daily life. Show others how to change their attitudes and behaviors by modelling better ones in yourself.

Ok, that was my soapbox moment, and no I'm not perfect. I just long for world where people actually do care for one another.

Much Love,


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