It's Been Awhile

I've been  relatively  quiet lately ,  not for lack of things to say...but because  the landscape  of our social  conversation  has been  so cluttered  lately  with  all kinds of noise that we ate rarely  able to hear each other for the sake of understanding. Many  times people  are  looking  for nuggets  to cling to; to find offensive  or to grab on to and rally around to express  some level  of hostility. 

I am not in that space and so I haven't  had much to add...

But now, I do want to express  something  that I  think we may have forgotten  and I am hoping  that we ca  grasp onto before we get  to the point  where it's too late....No Matter Who You  Are...We all have to find a way to live on this planet Together  or  die on  this planet  together.  

At our core, we know  that  fear, hate, selfishness,  fighting  lead to death...Love, caring, kindness, generosity  lead to  life..the choose becomes  very  simple  and clear.  Lead a life that leads to life.

Live Up!


Much Love,

Carmen  Miller  

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