It's About Love

Hey all!!! Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Yep, married!!! (sorry fellas, he caught me in high school and nobody else ever even stood a chance).. My husband Anthony is my rock. He encourages me when I'm down, challenges me when I'm lazy, and keeps me laughing all the time so having him in my corner is pretty much crucial. Our story is not the typical one. We were teen parents who made it work through hard work and determination. We have been there done, that as a couple when it comes to surviving crises and weathering storms and we owe it to a strong foundation in Christ Jesus and love that is not just your average ( good until things get tough, then I'm out...kind). We believed in our promisies to each other (in the presence of God and witnesses) and we stand by our vows. We have pushed each other to be our best and achieve goals. So from poverty to middle class and beyond (with God's good grace), from homelessness to homeownership, from teen parents to proud parents of college educated students (who by the way are making far better decisions than we did... Bless God). We are truly blessed. I can't say enough about how much marriage and family mean to me. You must be willing to sacrifice selfishness and consider the well-being of the people you love the most for it to work.

I always say, it's not about what you like, but rather what you can live with for life. That is not to say settle for less than you are worth, just be willing to see the worth in someone else and the worth of lasting loving relationships built on faith and love and not just the superficial. That's my two cents for free.

Much Love,


S/O to LOVE!!!!! God is Love.


Awesome blog big cuz!!! Congrats on the anniversary and have many more to come...Love ya, and tell big head I said wussup!!!!

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