Lesson Learned:

about 11 years ago, I was in a girl group called Exxact and we had this huge opportunity to play in front of a bunch of industry decision makers in Chicago. We had a conversation after our rehearsal with the VP of A&R at a major label at the time that completely shook our confidence. I mean in critiquing, she basically dogged us. Unfortunately that night we were off our game and the performance flopped. At the time, I wanted it to be her fault for trying to psyche us out, but in hindsight... I had to admit, we could have been way better had we worked harder on the aspects of the performance that mattered. 

For a long time, I took that moment to heart, determined to redeem myself in front of those same people in order to prove that I indeed had talent and worth.  I held a major grudge and had a lot of blame to throw around about that situation and ultimately left the group because I felt like we weren't growing or going anywhere fast enough for me (and my pride)... I lost a couple of GREAT friendships at the time due to these events ( sisters, really... that I still dearly love and care about)....

It wasn't until I took a good look at myself and started to work on improving me, that things started to turn around.  Beginning with my faith walk, I had to break down all my pride walls and admit my parts in any failures and depend on God for restoration.  I had a weight problem  (not many girl groups can make it with a big girl wanting to be out front... it's not fair, but it is entertainment) I started working out daily and killing myself to get in "show shape".  I started to TAKE ADVICE to improve my writing and my performance abilities. I hooked up with some seasoned veterans and learned how to put on a show.... ( boy did I ever learn... trial by fire indeed).

So it was really a blessing when given the opportunity to be heard by those same industry professionals recently and it resulted in my song being picked up in radio rotation in 11 markets.  And that decision was made by the very same ( former label VP) that had dogged my group all those years ago.  I have come to value her blunt advice and use it as a tool to improve and move forward.  She still does not sugarcoat her thoughts and is very honest about the obstacles that I still face today.  I am confident that I can surpass them all with drive and determination and a hefty dose of the humility it takes to be obedient to good guidance and improve.


I encourage artists, the only way to get better is to seek honest critique, and advice and act on it.  Don't take it personal, just take it and use it to get better at your craft.  Everyday you are alive, is a chance to do better than before.  Learn the lessons, and keep it moving.



Much Love,




Well, I have been packing boxes laetly. I am going to guess 52 but really that is just a random guess because there are so many variables, and I have not read most of your other comments so maybe this one has been picked already.I am wondering how you will move your fabric if not in boxes, will you bag it or carry it lovingly by hand? I would suggest that you remember to label the boxes with an indication of what you need right away and what can wait to unpack. So label the box with the tv remote/computer charge cord or other important electronic accessories, your favourite coffee cup, or the book you are half way through as urgent and the box with the holiday dishes as for later, etc. One time we moved and the kids were small. The movers brought my bed and bedding into my room and the kids and I went in, built and made the bed, closed the door and went to sleep, leaving all the rest of the move directing and such to my husband, who was a great sport about it. Sort of like Bruno hiding in the bathroom.Good luck with your move! And with your classes.
I like this testimony; you are neva a failure as long as u keep trying, and success is not only measured by the desired result but also by all u endured to get to that point!#inspired

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