Let it Be

Yesterday, we reflected on the somber anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and an airline flight that was downed in Pennsylvania.  I take this opportunity to remind people that we are all one brotherhood of mankind.  No matter what you believe ( or don't), compassion and caring for your fellow man is the only way we will live peacefully and peaceably on this planet.  Life is already too short for us to look at one another with contempt because we happen to disagree.  My blood is just as red as yours and you breathe in and out just like I do.  Therefore, as human beings, we are much more similar than we are different.  I respect your right to believe and think and live differently from me. I ask the same in return.  "Love thy neighbor as thyself..."  That's where I'm coming from.


I went to a meeting for the Workforce Development/Fund Development/Marketing Committee for Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio.  I am a board member and it is one of the charities near and dear to my heart.  Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio assists people with barriers to employment to achieve independence.  They provide life enhancing services to people with many disabilities and social stigmas.  One of the next big fundraising events will be a Costume Party on the 27th of October titled the Ghoulwill Ball. It will be an awesome event and I will be performing with Tantric Soul band.  If you'd like to attend, here's the link:  www.goodwillnwohio.com/ghoulwillball/


Let's see, what else.  I also recorded a cover of the famous Beatles song, Let it Be.  This was Bob Davenport's idea, as it is his favorite song of all time.  That is a lofty site to aim for so I pray I do it justice.  The words are still as profound today as they must have been when  Sir, Paul McCartney put his pen to paper to write them all those years ago.  this song is etched on the memory of time as one of the greatest songs ever written.  And while it makes me nervous a bit to spend time with that kind of history.  I was honored that he asked me to do it.  I hope to release it digitally once we have the clearances.  It is a message that is needed in this time of endless war and worldwide conflicts.... Let it Be.


Much Love,



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