Light in the Tunnel

Setbacks and disappointments can get us to take our eyes off the prize at times. You have to put them in their proper perspective. When we look at tragic storms and disasters around the nation and around the world, it helps us to realize just how fragile this thing called life really is. That's when you begin to see that it's not about what you accumulate, but who you touch in a significant way. The internet offers each of us the luxury of being both uber social and annonymous at the same time. It also tends to skew our perception of how important we are in the grand scheme of things. We have become so insular that somehow, we tend to focus on our own problems, and issues, and lives and ignore the plight of others. That is a dangerous proposition when at some point, we all need other people to care and be there for us.


Think of how you feel when you're going through something and you feel isolated and alone and wallowing in whatever it is that has got you down..... Wouldn't it be awesome if you shared that with someone and got more than a Facebook LIKE or a reTweet? You wonder if people really actually care or if they are just scrolling through the screen and skimmed it because they saw your name. When you know someone is suffering, check on them. Go see them, call them. BE THERE. Kindness is not as much of a hassle as you might think. It also makes you feel good inside knowing that you have shared your actual self with someone.


I'm guilty!!! I tend to hide in my house, sit at the screen and conduct my friendships at an arm's length from my keyboard. But I am newly committed to sharing more of myself and getting outside of my own self and being somebody else's light in a dark tunnel for once. Yes, when you extend yourself to others, you run the risk of being used, hurt, etc.... but you also may receive the love and care you share much more abundantly.


So here it is, there are people who desperately need to know that someone cares, my challenge to you this coming Summer is: find someway to volunteer somewhere ( even one time) to be of service to someone in need. Come back to this blog and share your stories of service and giving... Even, a needed hug, smile, or hello that makes someone else's day..... I submit, that your world will improve as well.


God Bless Oklahoma and those suffering everywhere!

Much Love,


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