Looking Back/ Looking Ahead

So I had a really interesting weekend.  I was asked to play a couple of gigs with a band that I belonged to a few years ago before I began my journey to discover myself musically.  It was a great moment of nostalgia because it reminded me of what fun I had in the beginning of my performance career.  Cover bands can be a real blast at times.  But then again, it also reminded me of why my life has taken the turn in the direction that I am now going in.  Looking back helps you understand the lessons learned that inform your future.  There were lots of things left behind that I did not understand at the time, and now seeing it from the perspective of time. I can honestly say, I am cool with all of it.  I did exactly what I was supposed to do for the time I was supposed to do it.  

I ran into some people from my professional past as well... One that I completely LOVE LOVE LOVE and must remain in contact with, another that I felt a measure of closure with that makes me comfortable with having moved on. ( still travelling down Forgiveness Road on that one, but it's all good)  Some things you must leave behind for your peace and sanity.... and some, you must not forget and you are enriched by having them in your life.  S/O to Traci!!!!  That's my GGGGGGGUUUUUURRRRRRLLLLL!!!!  I was so glad she was at one of the shows and I hadn't seen her in years.  She is a beautiful/fun/great lady!  We must stay in touch!

There is value in looking back, but not in lingering in the past. You never want to burn bridges, just know which ones are strong and which ones are too rickety to ever cross again.  The great thing that moments like this can show you is, how much you've grown as a person and how strong you are as a result.  You never know if you have been able to move on until you can face what you've left behind and NOT have a yearning to have it back....then you know, that you have truly let it go. Lovingly and with no bad feelings.....Closing old chapters, allows you to freely open new ones.

Let's see, what else?  I did an interview with my friends over at WSPD 1370AM  to highlight what has been going on lately with the music.  The Toledo Free Press also did an amazing article that I truly appreciate. I'm grateful for the kindness they show to me and it humbles my heart to have such good friends.  I am hoping the press compels my friends, family, fans, and random passers by to connect with and support my newest campaign to make this video... go to the link to pledge  



There will be video casting info coming soon as well as the concert venue and details announcement for 9/28!!! Save the Date!!!!


Much Love, Carmen

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