Monday on the Move

Today I will go back to the studio to finish the Christmas song and get it mixed and mastered. We've invited the ultra talented Katrina Barnhill to play sax on it.  We will be mixing a few of the final cuts for the new CD as well. I will be braving the elements ( rain) to do my last minute school shopping for my daughter.  The Last of the  Miller Mohican will be entering high school.  I pray God's grace for her to make good decisions and to be successful in all that she attempts.  It's a tough time to be a teen and still try to follow God. Temptations bombard them daily and the pressure to fit in comes from all around. I pray we've given her a strong enough faith foundation to be able to combat the snares of worldliness.  Of course, I was a bit of a wild child myself I just hope she's not my "payback" kid... you know the one your parents always say they hope you have that acts just like you.  Hahaha  


I am also committing to really getting serious about my workout routine.... I want to have the energy and stamina people are used to when I hit the stage again.... because what I plan to bring is pumped up... I believe in a high energy good time.... ( for me that usually involves sweat...) you've been warned.  I also want you guys to check out the very cool T-shirts and fashions on  I found them on facebook  and they make some very slick designs with inspirational quotes and Bible verses that look very cool and rock n roll.  I will be rocking their wares and I want to support their efforts!!! Plus, they like my music :)  please check them out!

 Be motivated this Monday and make it a positive rest of the week.


Much Love, 




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