Musing on ISMs

I usually try to stay away from anything political or too controversial, as I have friends and loved ones from many walks of life and they all mean a great deal to me and I love them dearly.  The thought just struck me today that HATE itself is a futile concept.  How is that controversial?  Well, I'm glad you asked... 

When I think of today's social climate in terms of all the things that divide us ( politics, religion* or rather religiosity*, race,gender,etc...) the core of the division is hate and more to the point fear.  Why do people hate and what exactly are we afraid of?  Here's the thing... we all share the same planet.... and until science comes up with a spaceship that lasts forever or at least until we can reach another rock like this one...we're gonna keep sharing the same planet.  There will always be something about the way other people live, that you don't particularly like.... does that make them less valid as a human being than you? NO!  Does that give you the right to persecute them? NO!  As sensitive as our belief systems and our ethical codes may be.... NO ONE is absolutely required to agree or adhere to them (except by laws in certain places ..* please obey the laws where you live*)

So what are you getting at Carmen? Live and let live?  Well, sort of.  I'm really saying that there are better ways to pursuade people than acts of hate and division.  Here's the thing... as human beings, many of our differences are what make us beautiful. I would not want to live on a planet where everyone was just like me (mainly because I get on my own nerves sometimes). It would be boring and stale and a world full of homogeny is just nowhere near as cool.  However, if I am passionately pursuing my purpose, I'm sure to win over some who may have thought differently to some of my points of view.  And by not fearing their reactions, I'm free to do so.  

Why hate?  It's ridiuclous really.... I look at people who use their religious fanaticism to justify violence and I simply do not undestand it.  Seriously.  Does anyone really think that by decimating parts of creation, you're pleasing the Creator..... THINK about it.  It just doesn't make sense.  Further, if someone is living in a way that is counter to Your belief, do you honestly think that terror is more pursuasive than leading by...... example?  Here's a clue.... it's not.

But alas, these are my views, my two cents for free..... I am simply sharing in hopes that people would wake up and see that LOVE is a much cooler way to exist.  If I had to die for something.... I'd totally rather it be to further the cause of love than hate or fear or isms or anything like that.   



Much Love,


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