My 3 Favorite People ( aside from the Father/Son/and Holy Ghost)

OK, so this one is not about me... I have to take a second to tell you guys how proud I am of my kids.


My oldest:  This guys works so hard at Pratt Institute studying animation... I am awed by his artistic talent and the fact that he still has the time to record some incredible music. Now mind you, mommy could do w/o the cussing ans stuff but he is a grown man and finding his voice in the world... so I try not to nag or anything. His talent is displayed all over the web including on the artwork for my new CD Skin & Bones. Here are some of his links:

Then there's my younger son: An accomplished actor and a member of Theater Morgan at The Morgan State University. I have watched video of his work and I am riveted and awed by the fact that he is out there achieving his dreams. He is charismatic and fun to watch and ( even if I wasn't his mommy, I'd say) the camera loves him. Here's an excerpt from a Black History performance at Ft. Meade

And my babygirl: Not only did she win back to back city championships in b-ball in the same day with her Freshman and JV squad ( Rogers HS Lady Rams)... she was called up to Varsity to play through the tournaments. She was awarded as a student leader by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Not to mention the fact that she too is a skilled lyricist in her own right... don't believe me? watch this

So today... I just want to take the time to say I absolutely adore my kids and I am blessed to see who they are becoming and I am so amped about what their future holds. I'm not trying to brag or boast but I have to give God the glory for giving me such dynamic people to raise as my own.

Much Love,


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