My Crossroads

My road to Damascus moment was about 3 years ago. I was playing in a local bar band and we were gigging every weekend. I was drinking like a sailor and working like a slave during the week. I would play 3 sets a night and I ripped my voice apart. I went to the Ear/Nose/Throat specialist and he told me that my sinuses were full of tumors and my vocal chords were damaged. If I kept up that pace, I wouldn't be able to talk, much less sing. I prayed about it and went to church... I stood up and sang in testimony (mind you, I hadn't sang in church in years at that point) the song, Safe in His Arms acapella... my pastor at the time, told me that if I didn't dedicate my voice to the Lord, I would lose it.... not long after that, I had a dream saying the same thing. So, I made the decision to quit the band. I ended up having to have surgery to remove the tumors, and it was incredibly humbling. After therapy and months of treatment, I started recording what became my first CD, ALL GOOD. It was a rededication of my gifts to God. I still sang in a band, with a much different vibe and with a less grueling schedule... but my focus was/ is different.... I am at a place where I have much more stamina than ever before and I am totally aware of how not only my music, but my life has changed and I owe my second chance to Christ and I will definitely give Him my all.

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