My Dad

I haven't posted in awhile and I am sorry to have been neglecting doing so.  I've been dealing with some feelings that grip me this time of year and I'm realizing that these will always be with me.  It's not the whole Father's Day thing perse`, but rather the season between Mother's Day and father's day and what my experience has taught me about the dynamics of family and who WE are supposed to be to each other.

I have 5 siblings.  I love them dearly.  We grew up in a nuclear family for the most part and we have strong but conflicting feelings for our parents.  I tend to idealize my mom ( who is deceased) and for a long time, I villified my father.  While I have gotten past that and I love him and wish him the very best... not all of my siblings have gotten to that point.

The main thing that keeps me in a good space is knowing who my true Father is.  I belong to a God that has healed the wounds of my past and helped me to rise from its ashes.  The Bible promises long life to those who honor their father and mother.  Eventhough, I've been choice to honor my dad has very little to do with who he is as a person.  It has everything to do with who my Father in heaven requires me to be.  

I have dealt with the whole forgiveness thing before and that is a part of it.  Eventually you should get to a place where the pain is nothing more than a memory and the scar it leaves teaches you something valuable about yourself.  I understand who my dad is and some of the whys behind it.  And I love him anyway....I know who I don't want to be and who I do want to be with and I surround myself with people who feed that good.  


My Father is the one who I must please and who I am responsible for obeying....God the Father!!


A special shout out to the man who makes me believe in Great Dads here on earth.... my husband Anthony who is an amazing example of God's love for me.  


Happy Father's Day!


Much Love,



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