Next Steps/ Baby Steps

So we are at the mixing and mastering stage for Skin and Bones. Yesterday, my pastor/great friend Arthur J. Battle, Esq. came to the studio and laid the last track for the CD down which will be a prayer for everyone who is moved and inspired and even hears the music. The session was exciting because we got the rough mix CD in the correct song order. Matt put down some killer embellishments and Bob was at the helm getting it all together. I still have to type up my thank yous for the liner notes. This group of musicians have been (I think I use the word awesome too much) spectacular to work with, each so very skilled and totally without any egos. They have truly blessed me. The music and writing and all of the influences heard in this project will be (don't say awesome Carmen) mind-blowing. I mean we are pulling from some lofty sound vaults to get what we are playing with... when you get the chance to listen, I want you to feel free to let me know who you think we are channeling.... chances are, you're right... to create something that feels both vintage but uniquely original in its own rite.

The next thing I have to concentrate on is packaging and marketing the music so that it gets heard by the right people (YOU) and those people tell their friends. I need you guys to stay connected to this site for news, shows, new merchandise, and fun contests that will be coming up. I am one of those rare breed of completely independent artists so all of the leg work and communications will come directly from me. I can't do it without the people who have supported throughout the years and those who we will get to know in the future. You are appreciated and I feel like I owe you my very best.

So be open minded as I am embarking upon a departure to create a style of music and a lane where there is not one yet and prove to the world that this black girl does indeed rock (and I happen to do so for the Lord)... know that I will always make music that is accessible and uplifting and you don't have to wear our jersey to play for our team. If it touches your heart, you're welcome... If it pleases your ears, you're welcome... If it does neither, I thank you for listening anyway. If it does both, tell your friends.


Check out Skin and Bones by Carmen L Miller coming soon!!!!


Much Love,



And to one He gave ten talents, and to another He gave five talents and to another He gave one talent. For He was going to a far off LAND, BUT. HE promised to return. When he returned, He called for a report/reckoning of the talents given and to the one whom He gave ten talents, his investment with the ten gained Him an additional ten. To the one whom He gave five talents, he reported that his investment of the five talents, had be doubled to ten. To the one He had given one talent he buried the talent and thusly to Him he only returned the one talent,. After having given an excuse of why he only had the one talent to return to Him, that one talent that he had and did not invest or invest in but rather dug a hole and placed it there. This was unacceptable to Him and He directed them to take from the one who had the one talent with no investment or return a yield, no matter how small the yield might have been at least it would have shown something regarding the investment of it, and He gave it to the one who had the ten talents which he increased by ten. Never fear on what to do with your talent(s), at least invest it for gain or interest. I'm happy for yor sweetie and proud of you. The tracks sound good and I know that when you release the full invested talented CD, it will profit you very Good Returns. With the Love of Christ Jesus, Pastoral Evangelist Johna Daniel, The Way House Ministries.

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