Positive Energy to Energize

So momma's joined a gym.  I am getting back in show shape so I can keep up my stamina.  It looks like 2013 is going to be a marathon year for me.  I am going to be bringing more content to the site in the coming weeks and I hope you all enjoy it. I am looking to bring a lot more in terms of video and multi-media soon, in conjunction with some of the new projects that I am working on.   I am always so happy to have the chance to share with you and open the doors to my life and what I do/think/etc...

Lately I have been noticing that people are losing some of our common courtesy and our goodwill toward our fellow man. One of the main things we need to learn to do is to, examine ourselves... forgive ourselves... then forgive others as well.  Holding grudges makes you sick from the inside out.  Many of the things we stress over in life stem from old hurts we have not yet forgiven and in essence, we have jailed our emotions and arrested our own growth in the prison of unforgiveness.... 

Do you know when you have truly forgiven someone?..... When you can see them in public and (a)not have any stress about it internally ( b) when you can't even remember what they did/said/whatever (c) when you can move toward your success without a thought as to how they'd feel about it ( getting rid of all those... I'm gonna show them I'm a winner, feelings)  because success is not the greatest revenge.... when your abundance is tied to revenge, it's not true success... it's just having stuff and being miserable.  

Alas, the best way to live a free and abundant life is to move forward everyday, with less stress than you had the day before and creating the positive environment that nurtures your spirit and causes you to grow.


Much Love,



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