Productivity and Praise

First of all, Bless God for this first day of Summer.

Here in Toledo, it is an absolutely gorgeous day ( hot, but gorgeous nonetheless)... clear blue sky, green outside.  I had the chance to get out and walk a few miles this morning and I thought to myself, how awesome it is that our creator blessed us with the possibilities of beauty such as this nature we inhabit.  Thank you Lord for the beauty of this day and for the dreariness of other days that help me to appreciate it all the more.

I have been listening to the recordings of a couple of songs I have been working on with Bob Davenport, Mike Fisher, Mat Schmidt, Steve Hornyak, and Chris Stoll over at Zeta Studios and I am just awed by the beauty of great musicianship. They make me want to step up my game and sing more powerfully than ever before to live up to the strength of the music.  I am believing God that the song(s) Call, and Skin and Bones will change lives.  I get goosebumps because the messages are so powerful.  I pray that the music itself is inspiring to people.  But it's almost like the whole project is writing itself out of our own life stories and how we operate by faith. We are a mismatch group of people who have come together to create something special because it just feels right.  The guys call themselves Sacred Groove ( which I love love love as a band name... that is something I wouldn't mind screaming in an arena... I would shout:  " Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for Sacred Groove"  or they'd announce "Carmen Miller and Sacred Groove" ). I'm in the process of writing lyrics to a song with that title.


I have also decided that the cd project will be called Skin and Bones ( because the song is totally a title track if I have ever heard one, just WOW... wait until you hear it)  So look for it this Fall... and as we continue to record, I will keep you posted.


Much Love,




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