Rest and Renew

When your mind is moving 100 miles a minute trying to be or do what it is that you have set your goals and sights on doing and being, it can be exhausting at times. You may find yourself anxious or frustrated and many times disappointed when things don't go according to plan. Understand that all things happen for a reason. They may teach us how to adapt and overcome obstacles. They may teach us how to handle frustration and disappointment gracefully. They may even be a point at which we are to stop and re-evaluate our goals. Whatever the case may be... know that at those times, it is not a time to give up altogether. All of us need a break to turn off and tune out from time just to get some rest and relaxation. You need to recover strength for the rest of the race. So don't give up... but always take some time for yourself. Our bodies, minds, and spirits were not built to be under constant stress. We all have to recharge so that we don't burn out. One thing that always helps me is to go for a long walk with my headphones on, music blaring and the world melts away for awhile. I also sleep a lot when I need to unplug. I will read voraciously as well. Then you will find the opportunity to get focused again and move forward. Always know that you are not alone and it is not a sign of weakness to need a break. Staying healthy and maintaining your well being ( mental, spiritual, physical) is of the utmost importance. After all, you cannot be useful to others if you are not getting the rest and renewal that you need. As we enter the homestretch of putting this music together for my Skin and Bones re-launch, I am guilty of pushing myself to the limit.... so it is imperative that I follow my own advice...pace myself and relax.



Much Love,



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