Standing in the Storm ( Reprint)

It's very easy for people to use cliche` statements like: " It's always darkest before the dawn" and "Behind every dark cloud, there's a silver lining" to try to offer comfort when you're going through something. How often have you heard their words and just let them roll off of you without stoping to examine the truth in them? When you have problems that seem too difficult to handle, kind words tend to fall on deaf ears because your focus is on the problem itself, rather than the solution. When you start to understand that EVERYTHING in life is temporary, you will begin to appreciate that also means your problems of right now... are temporary too. Think about a year, two years, or five years ago today... what were you worried about then? Obviously you got past that... right? and if you haven't, keep going. You will....

The devil's mind game is to trick you into believing that these things thrown at you, can break you down...whether it be financial, emotional, physical, etc...God's grace is more than sufficient. Our problems help us to build up strength to face bigger problems and to attain greater victories. It's like going to the gym. When you walk in for the first time, you may not be able to run for an hour, or lift 200 pounds.... but if you keep going, each time... you push yourself harder and become stronger and you're building up your strength and your resolve to lift more, to run longer, and your body changes and improves as a result...Life does that. You can't give up at the first sign of resistance... press harder... keep running, keep going.

The cliche`s aren't really cliche` at all. They come from people who have been through it before... they know that trouble doesn't last always. They have fought hard and won some and lost some. Celebrate the wins. Learn from the losses..... and keep going. Somebody is watching how you go through adversity and they will be influenced by how you handle it. Will you focus, or will you fold? Whether you know it or not, there is somebody's life tied to your struggle. If you press forward, eventually your testimony will bless their lives. Storms come and go. As long as you are breathing, there will always be some battle to fight (even if it's just the ones within your own mind). You will always have some level of struggle... even the people that look as though they have it all together have something they struggle with. The difference is, whether you stand up to it, or let it knock you down.... That choice, is only yours.

I encourage you today, to stand and face those storms of life knowing that this too shall pass and when it's over, you will be stronger for having faced it.

Much Love,



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Very positive and inspiring,relevant for me right now, thanks Carmen.

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