Back in the studio again. Had an incredible weekend playing a gig with Tantric Soul band (a beautiful collective of the purest and most talented soul/r&b/Jazz musicians and singers on the planet). Eric and Kelly Wilson are so awesome that I always feel like I'm playing catch up just to hang with them. They are the best at what they do. It is nice to be involved with people who make you better. I try to bring my A game each time out.

Then I come into the studio and these guys Matt and Bob push me even further...they are playing the most killer true Rock riffs and I am just going for it in a major way. Yes, this genre will never be the same. We are creating a whole new lane and I love it. I am believing in it more and more each day. The foundation is Christ and the message is positive and the music is solid. The best part it that I can feel my life changing as we go through this process. I have been through some real personal valleys during this season of my life and being able to create with this group of people gives me an invincible hope. For all of the darkness ....God has given me this as a light....if it makes anyone else feel this way.....that is plenty for me. So keep an ear out for it and I hope your life is changed for the better....




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Also check out my fellow local musicians making their mark on the scene....s/o Spyda, Tracy Rarebreed Haynes, Krystal Monique,Cassandra Buttafli Bell, and many more.....

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