The Holidays/ The Everyday...

I usually try not to write unless I have something positive to share.  Hence the recent silence... it has been a little rough lately.  But like all things, this too shall pass.  Anyway....The Bright Side!!

I have some TV appearances coming up to sing Christmas songs on local stations.  I tape Friday morning, so I am drinking green tea and doing breathing exercises to make sure I'm in good voice for that.  I am working on a couple of very cool arrangements of some classics that display both my soul and rock roots.  It's going to Legen( Wait for it).... DARY!!!! *Barney Stinson approved*   ( be ready to post to Youtube!!!)

Also, I have made some inroads to some very cool people who I hope would like to be in the Carmen Miller business.  I am actively looking for management ( because I always say... I know enough to know what I don't know).. I want to surround myself with people who have expertise and who I can trust to press the vision forward and get the music out to the world.  

Let's see... what else? I am also campaigning all over the web to get 1000 units of music downloaded by Christmas.  I think that is a reachable goal at $1 per song.  So I'm hoping that everybody supports.

Tantric Soul just added some holiday dates so stay tuned for details.

Other than that... I am combating holiday blues with extra doses of old Christmas classic movies and Christmas music overload.  So be warned, if you come over my house... you will watch It's a Wonderful Life.  Because, despite what we go through.... it truly is.   Through the season, focus on what really matters. Don't kill yourself trying to get the perfect gift... because eventually all the material things will go unappreciated at some point.  Give love consistently and the rest will fall into place.  When I-Pads and Androids break, when dolls and video games lose their entertainment value... love lasts ( and doesn't create debt... LOL).  Do the best you can with what you have and keep cherishing those who show you their love daily.



Much Love,




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