The Hustle and the Flow

I have had the nastiest flu for the last couple of days but that has not stopped me from being on my business to get the music heard.  And I have to say thank you to everyone who is responding so positively and being so supportive.  I am humbled by the notion that you enjoy hearing what we have put so much time and energy into creating.  So I will do everything I can to keep pushing for you and making sure I give you the best I have.


Today, I am going to  local record stores to place some copies of Skin & Bones on the shelves here in Toledo.  I am hitting up Allied Record Exchange so if you want to go buy them, they will have them in stock as of this afternoon. You can also purchase the CD here:

I am also doing some phone interviews today and a photo shoot with a rising local super-star photograher next week.

get to know her now, before you can't afford her when she blows up!! I will be on the run, but it's all in good fun... doing what I love to do, for all the right reasons. I want to thank you again for holding up your end of the bargain and being absolutely awesome. You are buying the CDs and Downloading the tracks and that means everything!!! I will be rehearsing a live show to bring you very soon, so stay tuned!!! Momma will be ready for the road, have songs/ will travel!!! Much Love, Carmen


Girl you are amazing! I will be following you! I know you are going to be famous Sooner than later. God has an amazing plan for you! Love ya!

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