The purpose of having purpose

Do Good, because it IS GOOD.

Too many times people tend to want to be recognized for their giving or gifting rather than doing it for the sake of charity.  You don't have to shout from the rafters what an awesome person you are or how philanthropic you are when your actions speak for themselves.  Now mind you, bringing attention to a need and sharing the information about giving is neccessary and should always be done... but don't make it about self ... (Look how great I am because I did this thing for others)... If you do that, sure you'll get a pat on the back and a yay you... but that's really all.  The satisfaction of charity is in seeing the need met.  The part that lasts is when people come to understand that you are a caring person without you having to tell them so.

Be genuine and authentic in how you care for others.  Just like what you love and need and want and care about matters to you.... their wants/needs/loves/cares matter to them.  The way we become better, is seeing past our own stuff and looking to and caring for others as well.  It is the small acts of kindness that go on behind the scenes that leave impressions on our hearts.  

Your purpose is connected to what inspires you to care.  When you find yourself fulfilled in the knowledge that what you are doing is GOOD... and you love the GOOD that you bring into the world.... that is where you are walking in your purpose... They say, do what you love... Yes/ I'll take it a step further to say Do what creates LOVE.  Do what you are purposed and uniquely equipped to do that adds Love to the world and enhances love in your life!  Live in purpose and on purpose!


Much Love,



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