The Sun Peeking Through the Clouds

I want to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me so far. There have been some pretty amazing days, and some pretty dark ones. I just want you to know that eventually, it all pays off. I am constantly encouraging you guys to persevere and as cliche` as it sounds, trust me, I am speaking from experience when I say never give up. It's the little personal victories that make all of the interim cuts and bruises we get, seem tolerable. Just like a storm that eventually passes, the troubles we face, teach us to endure.  And like the sunlight on a cloudless morning, life can always get better as long as you keep on living.  We are created so much tougher and so much more resilient than we even realize.... just keep living, you'll see....Don't let what is going on around us sidetrack you from the destiny that has been placed in your heart to achieve.

You guys have been so incredible to me. You encourage me, anytime that I hear that one of my songs or messages inspires you or when I get love from you at the shows.... I just want you to know that it really means everything. You guys keep me going. I want to acknowledge that publicly. I hope we always keep lifting each other up because that's what makes life worthwhile, the love you give while you're here and the legacy it leaves behind.

So many things have been going on and I am going into a wonderful new season. I recently had a development that I am praying will take the music to a new level. I will be announcing it soon.... but just know that the re-release of Skin & Bones with bonus tracks will happen as promised. I am so excited about the particulars because it's a major move in my life. Doors have been opened and I am planning to run through them at top speed! You can still purchase the original version of Skin & Bones as well as All Good here on the site by clicking the links and  

I also finished recording a song for this year's Make-A-Wish Foundation's Holiday CD, ( a special Thanks, to Mike Miller *no relation* at the Toledo Free Press, who has always been a champion and supporter of #TeamCarmen )  It was a rendition of the first solo I ever sang in church as a child ( when I was 4 years old), Let There Be Peace On Earth.  It's not bragging to say, I think it's beautiful. I hope you  think so too.  Please, guys pick up the cd and enjoy it this holiday season.  It was again a wonderful blessing to be a part of the recording.  Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you guys in mine!

I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future... and that it's All Good. I will continue to give you guys my very best at my shows and in song as long as I have the strength to do so, because you are truly special to me. Thank you again a million times. Please continue to share the music and the message with friends all over the world. We can make LOVE a worldwide event, all-the time.....give the LOVE, share the LOVE, be the LOVE!!!!

Much Love,


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