Tommy Davidson/ Tantric Soul band 2.0



This weekend, I had the very cool experience of being able to sing with the incredible Mr. Tommy Davidson again.  He is a wonderful comedian and a great all-around entertainer.  He dropped some wisdom on me. He said the key to longevity in the entertainment business is to always be grateful to God.  He is our source and without Him we can do no good thing.  I completely agree.  

Saturday night, we got a chance to jam with Tommy Davidson again. He's awesome.  The band got loose and had a good time.  This was our second time playing with him ( check out my Cariller youtube channel for the other performance)...

Some doors are opening up with opportunities to perform my own solo music are coming from unexpected places and it will be an exciting thing to see where it leads.  I am going to start rehearsing a backing band to travel with should the chance to tour Skin and Bones arise.  I feel like I am at the edge of a wonderful cliff in my life, and I am placing my trust in God as I take the leap!





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