Ups Downs and Inbetweens

It is not an easy proposition to embark on a music career. Especially when you do not fit any of the traditional molds. I am not 16, size 0, and I do not sing mindless catchy pop-ish tunes. So, it can be discouraging. However, loving music like I do....something just won't allow me to quit. I am always encouraging others to persevere in the face of obstacles. I guess I am committed to leading by example. I hope that what I sing touches and inspires people. I also hope that things change to where the cookie cutter image and music formats fall away for more real musicianship and meaningful songwriting. I mean yes, music is supposed to be fun....but it it also so much more. I can catalogue memories of significant moments in my life to the music that was playing at the time. Music soothes and heals and energizes, etc. And a lot of good music gets swept under the rug for the same old same. Well if you are brave enough to step outside the box...I am here to sing to you. Take a listen and catch a show. If you would like for me to do a show in your area, here's how.... Tell your'll be so worth it. So stay encouraged and follow your dreams. Never give up...and all that good stuff too. Much Love, Carmen

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