This year has been a series of ups and downs.... I started the year with NYE at Memphis Pearl.  That very night, I booked dates to perform all the way out until June... one of which was my signature Prince vs. Michael Jackson party that I hold annually. Well, as the year progressed,  Memphis Pearl closed abruptly without notice, leaving me without jobs on my schedule.  I had to scramble to find a new venue. I went to places where I had previaously held the event successfully, and was given an excuse and a No.  Then, it was a tragic loss when Prince died suddenly. Then the magnitude of the event was made so much heavier. I had to have the party. I partnered with a friend at Club Evolution who saved the day.  Thank You Damian Hatch. We had competition from the very place who had turned me down on the same weekend, but our event still reigned supreme because of the support of loyal fans who want to have fun in a great drama-free atmosphere. I had some great collaborative partners who made it great Thank you for coming out.  

I had the opportunity to partner with a Bar in Detroit ( my original hometown) to put on an early Friday night event.... and played one show before lack of funds and lack of attendance, made the club scrap the idea... ( it may or may not comeback in the Fall)  I urge you.... if you want to see great Live bands ad good local music success, you have to go out and support and attend the shows. We can only eat, when you show up.  But heaven stepped in again, and replaced my loss with a greater gain. I joined forces with the Overton Project band and picked up some prestigious gigs at the River Raisin jazz events... I'm super excited about that. This is a tremendous opportunity.

My daughter graduated and is heading to college on a full academic and athletic scholarship.  I couldn't be happier for her.  

So all in all through the ups and downs and waves of life, I remain confident in the faith that everything that is supposd to happen, will happen in its own time.  Keep holding on to what you believe i and keep pushing for your dreams... and eventually... it will work out.


Much Love,



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