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Well well well Good People!

It has been an interesting start to the new year to say the least, and now that 2014 is in full swing there are some major changes in store that I hope and pray roll smoothly. I've been steady prepping for the re-release of Skin & Bones (presale available here: https://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=847726019721 ) with some killer bonus tracks and praying that God surround me with the people and opportunities that are meant for my good..... Well, He's done it again.

Just when I thought that the work was drying up and when I started to doubt my abilities.... along comes a progressive metal band that is into the kind of rock I love to sing and we are making some amazing music... So I joined the band Aftermath as their lead vocalist. I've been having a complete blast. This is a MAJOR departure from what people are used to and I think it marries the raw heart that is in my voice with some blindingly amazing riffs....These guys are the real Rock deal!!! It sounds and feels very Midwest powerful! They let me write the stuff I believe in singing and it is truly freeing not to be inside a box of what people think you should be singing. I hope those who love all music will take a chance and check it out, you may find yourself digging something new. *I still do coverbands as well, for those that follow my work locally... so be on the lookout around town for gig announcements* I already have some events lined up starting this Spring and I'm hoping to tour this year so pray for your girl that we can make it happen.

So February will be about putting in the foundation work to get this year going in a great direction. I'll be shooting the finishing touches of my Skin & Bones video for immediate release ( be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to catch the premier http://www.youtube.com/user/Cariller ) and following that up with promo work ( some radio interviews/magazine spreads/ showcases, etc...) My focus is back and being self controlled and alert is the gameplan.

I want to leave you with a bit of inspiration from the Skin & Bones project because it writing it really helped me through some really dark times and provided me with the hope that continues to strengthen my faith.

"If nothing else I can say, I have no regrets.

If it wasn't for the bad times, we never would have met.

I'm in a new love, love my soul can lean on...

Straight from above, more than enough for me.

Lights up my life in such amazing ways

Like nothing else before all that I can say ( is).... All you gotta do is Call" *Call~Davenport/Miller/Schmidt


I enourage you to call on the name of JESUS.(Well, that's what worked for me anyway)...


Much Love,




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