YAY!!! They're Here!!!

The UPS truck  just dropped off a few boxes of my dreams.  Just got the shipment of CDs... skin & Bones is officially for sale!!!  I will be taking them to local mom& Pop stores to consign them and I will be selling them at my shows as well.  You can order them via my email list here or you can go to  

http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/CarmenLMiller1 to buy the downloads. I also have links here on the site to ringtones and T-shirts and stuff... I am so excited. I hope that you all will buy and enjoy the music as much as I have loved making it. I want to send a big giant hug to Bob, Matt, Steve, Charles, Chris, and Mike... who made all of this come together. I cannot tell you enough how special you guys are to me. At a time when I felt I had nothing else, you gave me music and a place to use my voice. I pray God blesses your socks off!! So Let's Go!!! everybody make sure that you not only buy it for yourself, but also for your friends... it makes and awesome Christmas gift, or just a great pick me up to lift somebody's spirits.... There are songs that are so personal and heartfelt on this album.... you can't help but feel joy!!! I am so happy to share Skin & Bones with you!!! Get on the email list, go to my web store and download/buy/it today. The next few weeks will see it released on iTunes, Amazon, and distributed around the world. I want you to be one of the first to say.... I got Skin & Bones, when it came out!!! Much Love, Carmen


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Dope album Mrs. Miller....

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